Rhodonite Facial Massage Roller

As the birthstone of love, Rhodonite is said to soothe heartache, ease fear, to release anger, and to release toxic emotions.

Rhodonite Facial Massage Roller massage tool for face, neck & chin


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  • Our Stone Is 100% Natural And Organic, and it Guarantees Organic Properties.
  • Blood Circulation Is Promoted, Puffiness And Bags Under Eyes Are Diminished, Elasticity And Tenderness Are Improved.
  • The Roller Stone Massager Tool is suitable for use on the face, body, and health as a gift for men and women
  • To improve your appearance, relaxation tools are used to help relax your face and body, which increases blood flow, tightens and tones eye bags, and reduces toxins.
  • Massage rollers made of Rhodonite help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in the face.
  • Your skin will feel soothed and naturally glowing by massaging and tightening it with the face massager for women facial roller.
Metal TypeQuartz
Dimensions5*10*5 cm

Crystal Type



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