Black Tourmaline Gua Sha Facial Tool

Black Tourmaline Gua Sha Facial Tool are Improve fine lines and wrinkles Blood circulation & Relieves tension from muscles.

black Tourmaline Gua Sha helpful for skincare & healing Equipment


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  • The benefits of Gua Sha scraping with black tourmaline include promoting blood circulation, reducing puffiness, and smoothing wrinkles
  • This Black Tourmaline Gua Sha Facial work great on the neck, face, hands, shoulders, and feet.
  • The black tourmaline Gua Sha Facial Scraping Massage Tool helps to clear fluids from the body, relax your muscles, and increase blood circulation.
Stone Amethyst
Color Pink
Metal Type Quartz
Dimensions 5*10*5 cm
Theme Quartz

Crystal Type



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