Obsidian with Titanium Quartz Coating Star Pendant

Obsidian with Titanium Quartz Coating Star Pendant- The combination of obsidian, titanium quartz coating, and the star symbolism may represent a fusion of grounding energy with heightened spiritual connection. It serves as a unique and radiant piece that draws admirers to its mesmerizing beauty.

Obsidian with Titanium Quartz Coating Star Pendant for grounding energy


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It is often associated with protection, grounding, and the absorption of negative energy. Titanium coating creates a dazzling array of colors, often including iridescent hues like blues, greens, and purples. This coating adds a celestial and magical quality to the star design. The star design carries symbolic meanings of guidance, inspiration, and celestial influence. Combined with the grounding properties of obsidian, it creates a harmonious balance between the earthy and the celestial.

Crystal Useful in:

1) Protection stone from Psychic attacks.
2) Helpful for strength and durability.
3) Support femininity, intuition, and cycles of life.
4) Bring wealth and good fortune.

Please Note:

1) Always keep the rocks & gemstones away from water, perfumes and lotions.
2) Each stone is unique in its own way. There might be slight color, shape & texture differences from the one in picture.
3) For Returns & Refunds, Pls refer to our return and refund policy
4) All Crystals are ethically sourced and charged with Love, Light and reiki/positive energy prior to delivery. We encourage regular cleaning and charging of crystals to preserve the energy of the crystals.
5) Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but a part of a holistic healing approach. It cannot be treated as a replacement of any medical treatment.


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