Navgrah Silver Pendant

Navgrah Silver Pendant- Wearing a Navgrah pendant may be seen as a spiritual practice, aligning the wearer with cosmic forces and helping them progress on their spiritual journey.


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A “Navgrah Silver Pendant” typically refers to a piece of jewelry that features the nine planetary gemstones  set in a silver pendant. Each of the nine gemstones corresponds to one of the nine celestial bodies in Vedic astrology, including the sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Crystal Useful in:

1) The Navgrah pendant is believed to harmonize and balance the influence of the nine planets in one’s birth chart.
2) It is believed to provide a shield against adverse astrological conditions.
3) Wearing a Navgrah pendant may be associated with an increase in luck, fortune, and overall prosperity in life.
4) A Navgrah Silver Pendant can be a meaningful and thoughtful gift for individuals interested in astrology and spiritual practices.

Please Note:

1) Always keep the rocks & gemstones away from water, perfumes and lotions.
2) Each stone is unique in its own way. There might be slight color, shape & texture differences from the one in picture.
3) For Returns & Refunds, Pls refer to our return and refund policy
4) All Crystals are ethically sourced and charged with Love, Light and reiki/positive energy prior to delivery. We encourage regular cleaning and charging of crystals to preserve the energy of the crystals.
5) Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but a part of a holistic healing approach. It cannot be treated as a replacement of any medical treatment.






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