Natural Red Jasper Crystal Tree (60 Beads)

Mini Red Jasper Crystal Tree for Home Décor and Fengshui. Red Jasper is the stone for Grounding& Stability Positive energy, meditation, healing, devotional decoration, and good fortune can all be obtained through meditation, positive energy, environmental enhancement, healing, and spiritual decoration.

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Natural Red Jasper Crystal Tree 60 Beads for fenqshui ,energy, vitality & grounding.


10 in stock

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  • The healing gemstone is 100% authentic, original and natural.
  • Handmade in India with original crystal beads, this beautiful Red Jasper Tree will make you feel like you are in a crystal forest.
  • Natural Red Jasper Tree with 60 Bead .
  • The money tree brings luck and prosperity, offers protection from any kind of loss, and enhances an individual’s power. The statue looks great in the living room and office
  • Red Jasper crystal increased energy, strength and stamina


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