Citrine Tiger Eye Round Bead with Tumble Stone Bracelet

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M - 7.5 inches
Citrine Tiger Eye Round Bead with Tumble Stone Bracelet for Success, Prosperity, Self Esteem & Willpower


Citrine Tiger Eye Round Bead with Tumble Stone Bracelet- Citrine & Tiger eye bracelet for Prosperity, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth & Abundance. This Bracelet is a very special stone that has been revered by many cultures for centuries.


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Tiger Eye is the stone of courage, confidence and strength. The incredible power of the tiger eye bracelet to encourage good thinking and raise positive energy surrounding the wearer is well recognized. Highly recommended for people working in office or running their business or even planning for a new venture. It also dispels negativity & evil eye and considered as a talisman to bring good luck in your life. You can achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual benefit from a stone’s metaphysical properties.

Crystal Useful in:

1) Release fear and anxirty, self worth, take action, confidence and accomplish goals
2) Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
3) Balance your inner Chakras.
4) Increase your inner peace and Reduce stress.
5) Spirituality, Connection to the Divine.
6) Promote inner peace and balance emotions.

Please Note:

1) Always keep the rocks & gemstones away from water, perfumes and lotions.
2) Each stone is unique in its own way. There might be slight color, shape & texture differences from the one in picture.
3) For Returns & Refunds, Pls refer to our return and refund policy
4) All Crystals are ethically sourced and charged with Love, Light and reiki/positive energy prior to delivery. We encourage regular cleaning and charging of crystals to preserve the energy of the crystals.
5) Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but a part of a holistic healing approach. It cannot be treated as a replacement of any medical treatment.

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