7 chakra Tree (500 Beads)

7 Chakra Crystal Tree for Home décor and Feng Shui. Suitable for both Home and Office. The Seven Chakras in the body of the person around it will be activated as a result of the use of seven healing gemstones.

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7 chakra Tree 500 Beads crystal products for Vaastu, fenqshui, good luck, wealth and prosperity


10 in stock

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  • The 7 Chakra Crystal has a powerful healing effect and is used for protection.
  • This Tree is made from 500 beads of natural crystal stone, 7 Chakra Tree.
  • Spiritual gifts are available in various forms, including spiritual gifts, good luck gifts, office gifts,  natural life gifts, crystal gifts, etc.
  • The 7 Chakra Crystal Tree is suitable for home and office decoration. It can be used for Vastu and Feng Shui corrections as well.
  • A disturbance in the life energy is caused by these chakras. It is believed that each stone resonates at a specific frequency and is connected to a particular chakra.


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