Selenite Heart with 7 Chakra Engraving

Selenite Heart with 7 Chakra Engraving-  The combination of Selenite and Chakra engravings may enhance spiritual cleansing practices. Selenite is considered a high-vibrational crystal that can amplify intentions and enhance the effectiveness of energy work.

Selenite Heart with 7 Chakra Engraving for Aura Cleansing, Detox, Purification


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A Selenite Heart with 7 Chakra Engraving is a unique and spiritually significant crystal that combines the gentle, luminous beauty of selenite with the symbolic representation of the seven chakras. The 7 Chakra Engraving typically features symbols or colors representing each of the seven chakras- Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. The Selenite Heart with 7 Chakra Engraving serves as a beautiful and symbolic decorative piece.

Crystal Useful in:

1) Activate and balance the all Chakras.
2) Enhance clarity to the mind and promoting a sense of purity.
3) Remove negative energies and promote a sense of clarity and purity.
4) Selenite is known for its purifying and cleansing properties.

Please Note:

1) Always keep the rocks & gemstones away from water, perfumes and lotions.
2) Each stone is unique in its own way. There might be slight color, shape & texture differences from the one in picture.
3) For Returns & Refunds, Pls refer to our return and refund policy
4) All Crystals are ethically sourced and charged with Love, Light and reiki/positive energy prior to delivery. We encourage regular cleaning and charging of crystals to preserve the energy of the crystals.
5) Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but a part of a holistic healing approach. It cannot be treated as a replacement of any medical treatment.



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