The Third Eye

The Ajna, the third eye, located at the center of our forehead allows us the ability to see things beyond the surface.

From the third eye, we create meaning and consciousness to our everyday life. The third eye looks inward beyond the vision of what our other two eyes can see.

The third eye, is represented by the color of indigo. It’s filled with feminine energy and associated with light and the lotus.


Life starts going downhill with a blocked third eye chakra which not only causes side effects affecting your mental health but also physical and spiritual health. In a physical sense, you may suffer from headaches, eye issues, ear issues, your hormones may not be intact with you and your natural cycle may get disrupted causes insomnia. Emotionally you may feel anxiety, stress, you may feel stuck in life and feel like you can’t move forward with your thoughts and ideas.

We retain the ability to think astute we see things beyond the realms of the binary world when our third eye is in check and wide open. In our everyday life, we respect ourselves and our feelings and hold a sense of clarity. One of the many simple solutions to heal and achieve this state of mind is through the power of crystals. Let your crystals guide you in this journey of self love and self discovery.

The Healing Crystals

The serene purple gem is without a doubt on this list of healing crystals.
Amethyst is a powerful stone of spirituality and it will do whatever it takes for your spiritual awakening. It helps cure your headaches, the
frustrations of your life and insomnia and all these physical factors directly impact our ability to get in touch with our third eye and access something very important, our own sense of self.

It reminds us that walking through not just the light but also the shadow will lead us to the truth. It clears out your heart chakra and has this rare energy that forms a divine connection with your crown chakra and the universe which also tunes in to your third eye chakra. This luminescent gem is the stone of new beginnings and it wants you to find your inner sense of calm and peace.

Last but not least, Fluorite emerges as a radiant guide to the mystical realms within the third eye chakra. Its shades represent the journey of your spiritual evolution, awakening mental clarity. A harmonizing force, Fluorite’s colors resonate with the symphony of intuition and balance. In the journey of self-discovery, Fluorite becomes a guiding light for the path to your decisions and discovering the secrets of your spiritual self.

Lapis Lazuli is believed to be a powerful aid in accessing the third eye chakra, carrying spiritual awareness and insight. Its deep blue hues resonate with the energy of the third eye. Lapis Lazuli is thought to make us open our eyes to our truth, encouraging us to delve into our spiritual journey. This gemstone is cherished for its potential to open and activate the third eye chakra, unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and the realms of spiritual truth.

Labradorite is believed to play a role in opening the third eye chakra, known for its mystical and transformative properties. This crystal is thought to enhance a sense of fostering a deeper connection to spiritual insights. Labradorite’s flashes are associated with the mysterious and magical, encouraging a sense of wonder and exploration in one’s spiritual journey. Its energy is said to stimulate the third eye, promoting clarity and heightened awareness.


Carrying the healing aura with you at all times is a necessity to remind you of your goals and passions and the best way to do that is carry your crystals with you at all times. Get your crystals from tiara crystal shop providing crystals for all of your problems and begin your healing journey now.


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